From Scratch: Canned Pears

Last night I continued my Adventures in Canning with mixed success canning the pears from our trip to the orchard last weekend.  Here you go, step by step.

Rinse the pears.
Peel the pears.
Put them in a bowl of cold water and a teensy bit of vinegar to keep them pretty while you finish.
Do you have any rounded measuring spoons like this?
Use one to scoop out the seed bits.
Meanwhile, boil some water and add however much sugar you are comfortable with. I am not comfortable with lots of sugar so I made a very light simple syrup. You can add more for a heavier syrup and you’re still eating whole foods you made yourself so go ahead and feel great about it.
Put the pears in the jars.  Add the simple syrup to the jars, so that the pears and liquid come to just below the glass thready bit.
Wipe the tops of the jars with a clean, dry cloth.
Put on the metal lids, screw on the metal screwy part, and get them in the canning pot.  Just like with the applesauce, cover, wait for it to boil, and set timer for twenty minutes.  Then take them out and let cool on a towel lined counter.
Like I said, mixed success.
About half of the jars looked like this.
But the other half looked like this!
I blame the wide mouth mason jars.  Next year I will try again with regular jars.  And this week I will eat a lot of pears.