Corner Chair

Meet the chair in the corner of my office:

I kind of love the lines of the back, but that gray vinyl was not doing this chair any favors. So yesterday I decided to recover the poor thing. Wait, that’s a lie. I actually decided to recover this chair when I bought it over six years ago for $75 at a flea market with three of it’s friends and the wooden table that now poses as additional counterspace in the kitchen (and I would like to keep this sentence going as long as possible). Since then, I’ve sold two of the chairs, and the fourth is in a basement somewhere. I think. BUT. This little guy was hanging out in my office and in need of a makeover.

I didn’t want errands or money to be involved in this spur-of-the-moment, after work project. Luckily, I have a bin of fabric in the craft closet because doesn’t everybody? 

How about this one?

No. How about this one?

No. Wait, maybe. It’s reversible!


So I set about removing the staples in the gray vinyl. All 52 of them. And surprise! There’s another horrid seat cover under that one.

I then removed 55 more staples to discover, YEP, another awful seat cover under that one.

I suddenly realize I’m dealing with the Russian matryoshka doll of chairs here. I start to get really worried about what is under this layer. And then really excited. What if it’s a treasure map! Will Nicholas Cage help me!? Will he even take my call?!?

After 49 more staples, it turned out to be just a nice, clean cushion. I must have sold the one with the map. Those lucky unsuspecting Craigslisters!

The cushion was stapled nicely around the edge and didn’t smell bad or anything. Yes, I checked. Since I didn’t really go into this project with any upholstery foam lying around, I thought it best to use it as is. My original half-formed plan was to triple up on batting; this was way better. I then just cut some batting and fabric, lay the naked seat upside down on top, and started stapling everything to the bottom of the seat. After a few staples to secure the batting and fabric, I cut away the extra. Then I stapled and stapled and stapled. Staple guns are super fun, by the way. I totally get the staple overkill. I did it myself.



Adventures in Craigslisting

After weeks of back and forth emailing, and other potential buyers flaking, and rainstorms, and lions and tigers and bears, I was able to set a date and time to get a supercool vintage recliner for just sixty American dollars.
The time was 8am on a Sunday morning and the place was Not My Bed so my heroic husband volunteered to pick the chair up for me.  Apparently, the chair’s former owner was just lovely, and helped him manuver it down skinny slippery steps lined with flower pots.  She had an adorable toddler that was crying the whole time.  Husband asked about the little darling, wondering if mommy should stop helping him move the chair to go see why the munchkin was so sad.  And she said, ‘oh, this is just her favorite chair.’  Aw.  Poor kid.
Now it just might be my favorite chair.  I don’t know where she’s going to live yet.

Then yesterday evening I went to pick up the perfect side table for this chair.  Only twenty dollars; I love Craigslist.  The nice lady gave me super specific directions to her house, telling me what shops I would pass and what neighborhood signs I would see.  She led me directly to her front door.  Almost.  She forgot to mention her front door was actually just a door to six apartments.  And she didn’t tell me the apartment number.  I didn’t have her phone number, and I wasn’t about to drive home to email her, so I guessed.  Found her on the third try.  Her neighbors were quite nice.