Oh helllooooo

Oh HEY, Internet!  My name is Darlene and I have opinions.  I’ve heard you do too, Internet.  Let’s do this.


Oh, um, here are some things about me.  I like cooking but I don’t like measuring.  (Which means I suck at baking.)  I like shopping but I hate spending money.  (Which means I love thrift shops and garage sales and craigslist).  I like crafting but in a renaissance man sort of way.  I can knit a little and sew a little and do a little needlepoint and build a little shelf and take on tons of small projects.  But if I cannot figure something out with a maximum of fifteen minutes with you, Dear Internet, and maybe a two minute youtube video, then I am not interested.  (So I can knit a scarf but not a sweater.  I can do cross-stitch but not crewel.)

(Also I like parenthesis.)


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