Yeah, I speak Parseltongue.  Team Slytherin. What of it?

Just kidding, Gryffindor all the way.  Except Bellatrix is totally my favorite character from the movies. She’s horrid in the books but all la-la-la, skipping around tossing out unforgivable curses in the movies.  In the books, it’s Hermione 4 lyfe.
Either way, I clearly slept through Professor Sprouts classes because I cannot keep succulents alive.  Remember my cool hanging succulent terrariums from LA?  Yeah, they aren’t doing so great.
And I tried again with some potted ones recently.  Two out of three are already dying/dead and I don’t expect the third to make it much longer.
I suppose it makes sense.  They thrive on low water and lots of light.  I have to keep them inside to keep them from being saturated with rain (east coast problems) and I have barely any natural light in my home (condo problems).

I found some succulents that work in my house though.  In the basement no less!  They will never die.