Perfect Pillows

My tale of Procuring the Perfect Pillows actually began waaaaaaay back in the spring when Chloe and Morgan came to stay.  Tired of my plain boring pillows, I picked up a few different ones at Home Goods and brought them home for a test drive.  They were pretty in the store.

I hated them at home.  And so did Possum, my feline assistant.  They were too dark and too uncomfortable and too ruffley and too BIRD so back to the store they went.

The old pillows were boring but very soft and cuddly and WASHABLE so there they stayed for several months.

Perhaps now is a good time to mention that we just returned from a European vacation.  (I know, way to bury the lead, right?)

We visited Scotland, Land of Kilts and Castles.

We visited Stockholm, Land of Ikea and Sensible Social Policy.

And we visited Finland, Land of Moomin and Marimekko.

I like to bring home usable souvenirs from our travels, things that remind me of where we visited but do more than collect dust on a shelf.  I hate dust, and I hate dusting even more.  So anything I put on a shelf is bound to collect dust.  My solution is not to dust more but instead to put less things on shelves.  But I digress.

Our flight back to the States left from Helsinki Airport.  In that airport was a Marimekko store.  And in my wallet were some euros that were going to be useless to me at home.  I went in to have a look, maybe pick up a tea towel or something, and I found the most beautiful pillow covers on earth.  They looked like they might even fit the soft cushy pillows I already owned.  (Spoiler alert:  they DO fit!!)  There were many different gorgeous bright Finnish fabrics, and I spent a long time deciding which I liked best.  So long, in fact, that we totally avoided the long queue (that’s European for line) getting onto the plane.  So long, in fact, the we almost missed the flight.  It might have been worth it.

Upon arriving home, the first thing I did was, well, sleep for about ten hours.  But the SECOND thing I did was try on my new pillow covers.  Guess what?  They fit PERFECTLY.  (You knew that already, didn’t you?)

Chloe and Morgan love them too.