Oh, January.  Why are you so cold?  No, not this January:

This January:

That theremometer is making me sad.  But this giant pile of firewood on my patio makes me very happy.

No more buying firewood at the 7-11!  No more paying five dollars for seven damp logs wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic!  We found a guy that delivers, splits, and stacks.  Now I get to unwind next to a roaring fire every night.  It’s better than Ambien.


Good News: The Couch Broke!

Yes, it really is good news.  Because what I really mean is, it FINALLY broke.  And I have been wanting a new couch, shopping for a new couch, dreaming of a new couch, for EVER. I had narrowed it down to three finalists, all from Macy’s.  I liked Macy’s prices, I liked the adorable mid-century vibe of many of the sofas, and I really liked that they were all in the same store because I kind of hate errands. Contestant Number One:  Claudia

Claudia was the frontrunner before I actually went to the store.  She’s leather, which means no more cat-hair-covered cushions.  (I’m pretty sure the broken couch was actually growing its own fur by the time of it’s demise.)  I was really excited about the leather.  Leather, leather, leather.  And, Claudia had that sexy tufted back and those slender arms.  Nice. But alas, not so comfy, that Claudia. Contestant Number Two:  Corona

Despite being named after a crappy beer, Corona had tons of potential.  He looked like he belonged at Sterling Cooper, a giant plus in my book.  And he had that very masculine tufting on the back.  So two points.  Slender arms…AND tapered legs.  Four points. He got another point in the store for his sexy fabric.  Very granny-chic, sort of bumpy, which would importantly hide cat scratches well.  Five whole points.  Five points should have made him a star, but then he had to go and get all awkward when we sat down on him.  Cushions popping all over the place.  Um, you’re a couch, Corona.  You’re going to have to get better at being sat upon.  No dice. Contestant Number Three:  Chloe

Oh, Chloe, just look how cute you are.  All flirty with your tufting, and swoopy arms.  Velvety fabric.  (On sale!)  And squishy and comfortable!  We have a winner!  Go on, Chloe, put on the tiara.  Work it. Um, and because I really didn’t want her to be lonely in her new home, I also adopted her boyfriend, Morgan.  Isn’t he handsome?

Can’t wait until they arrive, sometime in February.

Day One

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011.  Which means it’s time for some good old-fashioned resolutions. This year I’m going to redo my entire condo, become a great cook, learn to quilt, and become the earth’s best friend.  Yep.  Also, I’m going to become a Supreme Court Justice and win American Idol.  Probably. And heretowith henceforth I shall keep track of my projects.  Mostly because I suck at finishing projects and this just might be some motivation.  And a little bit to remind my family how awesome I am.